Coaching and Consulting

Why Coaching?
Every superstar athlete has a coach--someone who will bring out the best in them.  In business, a coach sees you and your operation as an independent “silent partner”.  As a result a coach can help you navigate past the landmines and stumbling blocks and get you back on track toward your goals and dreams.

A Coach can

  • Help you live a more balanced live

  • Help you attract-and close-those ideal clients that might have been getting away, and

  • Help you establish a plan for financial independence.  In short,

A Coach can help you capture your dreams!

Why Chuck Sweeney?
As a consultant, Chuck can be your guide to learning and executing the changes that must be implemented.  And, he can help you facilitate these changes with your team. 

As a former Managing Partner, National Marketing Director and Marketing Vice President, Chuck understands the issues, problems and frustrations that leaders face.  His ability to encourage people to develop a long-term vision for their business, and for their life, is at the center of his business philosophy. He is recognized by his clients for his innovative practices, his ability to build consensus, and his personal commitment to excellence.

Chuck is also familiar with the unique elements underlying global business.  Recently he worked as a consultant and motivational speaker for an international company.  As he traveled through 12 major cities in India, he coached over 100 Managing Partners one-on-one on the intricacies of “Developing Your Future Leaders.” 

Chuck is a member of the National Speakers Association and talks on various subjects including, Leadership, Motivation and Having a Balanced Life.


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