What Clients Are Saying About Chuck!

  • "Chuck Sweeney is Nevada's go-to guy when it comes to networking.  Whether it's motivating people to get out there and network, or teaching networking skills and techniques, Chuck is recognized as the expert.  Having seen Chuck's networking presentations before, I asked him to speak at a Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association luncheon.  Unlike most of our speakers, Chuck used a wireless mike so that he could move throughout the audience.  (Nearly 100 people, a record for an AMA luncheon.)  Chuck's presentation was interactive, and he energized the audience with a variety of audience participation exercised.  In our post-event survey, Chuck had one of the highest ratings ever for an AMA speaker.  This is a long way of saying that Chuck is an excellent speaker and that I highly recommend him."

Dave Archer
Chief Executive Officer
Nevada Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology


  • "As a result of my working with Chuck, my number of life cases went from a dismal 30 in 2004 to 87 in 2005. I went from the bottom of the local production ladder to the top 100 agents in my six state western zone.  And sales in all other lines across the board increased as well.  My focus on results translated to my personal goals as well. I lost 56 pounds and became more physically active. And I took more time away from the office because I had become more effective with my time while there.  Chuck has the business expertise to provide useful solutions and strategies to those who want to improve. He has the personality that enables me to discuss and deal with more important and broader issues than I feel comfortable discussing with work peers or my immediate management."

Tim Rosene
State Farm Insurance Agent


  • "I can't tell you enough how hiring Chuck as my business coach has changed my perspective about how to run my business. With his help and 'gentle reminders' along the way, I now stay focused on the things that matter, which in turn allow me to reach my primary goals: sleeping at night and enjoying going to work in the morning!"

Laurie Brazier
State Farm Insurance Agent


  • "Chuck has enabled us to plan and implement several large changes within our operating model that have made significant positive differences in the way that we conduct our business. And, we are continuing to have fun with the process of exploring and implementing new growth projects. Chucks ability to draw out and discuss the progressive 'Right Actions' have helped our organization lay a path for continued long term growth."

Kevin Sampson
Health Benefit Associates